To improve health and change lives of those we serve.

Patient care and satisfaction above all.

Homoeopathic medicines are derived from natural sources.

We treat only after in-depth analysis of the patient and his disease.


We follow classical method as practiced by the masters of homoeopathy.
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Relieved Of Diabetes.

Dr Kunal,
Thanks! For the treatment given to me for diabetes. Initially when I started my treatment with you in Jan’12, I was under allopathic treatment and was taking Pioz 15 and met 500. My initial blood sugar level were 350 fasting and 450 pp and weight was decreasing continously and went down from 78kg to 63kg, although blood sugar level also came down to 120 fasting and 115pp. After 2 months of homeopathy treatment I came out of allopathic medicines completely. My blood sugar levels were stabilized around 115 fasting and 110 pp. I also started to gain weight, feeling calm and started to get good night sleep.

Once again I would like to thank you for getting my health in order.

Mayur Bhatt

Quick and Satisfactory Results

I met Dr Lokare in 2011 when i was having a strange pain in my foot. With his treatment it went away quickly and i started consulting for my kid as well.

He treated him for hyperactivity and other problems like cold, upset stomach etc time to time. My kid’s Hyperactivity problem was resolved in few months treatment. He also treated my kid for adenoids enlargement for which allopathy does a surgery. I find his treatment very effective and giving quick results. I now consult him for all my family and results are always quick and satisfactory.

Amit Kumar

Getting back the concept of Family Doctor

After birth of my first child, Mohit, he was suffering from Food Allergies (from soap, oil, besan, etc). He was weak as well. With Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Kunal, his sufferings from allergies were gone. We started his Homeopathy treatment after a year from his birth. It becomes easy for a Dr to create profile for a child and provide appropriate treatment. We used Homeopathy treatment for our child for mild fever, stomach-ache, cough and cold. Mohit did not use to mingle with other children his school. Homeopathy treatment helped there as well. Now he has friends in school and participates in School activities happily.

My Wife also had Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Kunal during her second pregnancy. She has give birth to a healthy child. She also relies on Homoeopathy for mild fever, stomach-ache, cough and cold.

My mother-in-law has Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Kunal for her knee pain. She finds it very beneficial. 

Ritesh Ranjan

Freedom from varicose veins and osteoarthritis!

I was suffering from varicose veins and osteoarthritis. I tried all kinds of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines but nothing seemed to help. I had severe knee pain and I couldn’t stand without support. I had a lot of difficulty in walking also but Dr Kunal’s treatment came to my rescue.

He took a detailed history of all my ailments after which he gave me the homoeopathic medicines. I was greatly benefited from those medicines and within a month I could stand and walk without support. Homoeopathy helped me get rid of all types of pain relieving ointments and oils which I would use very frequently. I will always be thankful to Dr Kunal and homoeopathy!

Warm Regards
Mrs Supriya Joshi