Good-bye Headaches!

I underwent the treatment for frequent headaches , I was suffering from frequent headache(usually once in every two days). Ans this was a problem I had since the age of 13. I tried all sorts of Allopathic treatments but to no avail.

Finally I decided to give Homeopathy a shot in the supervision of Dr. Kunal Lokare.. Dr. Kunal's first step of treatment was to gather all the historical information(both physical and psychocolgical) about me.

After this I got started with the regular medicine and the regular checkups on weekly basis. Based on checkup each week, my dosage was regulated. Gradually the frequency of my headache started coming down. I underwent the treatment for almost an year with time to time checkups. This treatment has helped me in a big way to overcome the pain I had been suffering  for a long time. I had almost lost hope on getting a help on this problem of mine. But today I feel that going to Dr. Kunal was a very fruitful decision. 

Mrs. Ranjita Nair