Relief from Dandruff, Hypertension & Asthma!

I first reached Dr Kunal Lokare's clinic about 4 years ago to treat dandruff.
He was very patient and methodical in noting down my history.
He started my medication and used to note my response every week. Within a couple of months my dandruff started to subside and later got almost eliminated. Gradually we shifted to treating my high blood pressure & Asthma, which is also bought under control.
Dr Kunal Lokare is very effective in his treatment/medications.
I am very thankful and obliged to him for treating my dandruff condition effectively.
Homeopathy needs patience and perseverance. If you need a medication which doesn't have any side effects and can heal Naturally this medication is for you. Dr Kunal Lokare is by far the best homoeopathic doctor I have met.


Thanks doctor
Aditya Ghag